Webinar: How Computed Tomography Can Improve Case Management for Practice and Pet Owners


Live Event: July 29, 2021


In this webinar, we discussed HDVI technology and reviewed:

  • What is the Vimago High Definition Imaging System?
  • How is it different from the dental x rays, ultrasound, and radiographs I am already good at?
  • Cases covered 
      • Otitis
      • Nasal disease
      • PSS (portosystemic shunt)
      • Swallow using fluoro
      • Pyothorax
      • Thoracic mass and the value of met checks
      • Oronasal fistula
      • Bronchial Mass
  • Better patient care – how?
  • How can I afford this? – What the financial pros and cons – the real answers.