Pegaso - A Quantum Leap in Diagnostic, Interventional & Intraoperative Imaging for Horses

Pegaso has been meticulously engineered from the ground up specifically for equine patients and practitioners. Pegaso is a multi-modality masterpiece that will enable you to expand your diagnostic capabilities beyond any other device on the market:

  • Standing head and neck (C7-T1) w/ Epica's motion tracking technology
  • Image stifles and elbows easily
  • Diagnostic for bone and soft tissue
  • State of the art image acquisition technology
  • Onboard fluoroscopy at the push of a button
  • Built in surgical planning software
Volumetric Imaging -
Revolutionary New Imaging Technology

Our patented technology brings crystal clear, multi-dimensional views that can capture lesions as fine as a human hair. The results: faster, more accurate diagnoses, and better care for your patients.

Pegaso™ Forte MT Product Brochure