9 Hours of FREE
CE Credit.

Take a deep dive into veterinary dentistry in this comprehensive series. Attendees will also receive supporting resources created by Dr. Mathis, including her eBook on common dental conditions. 

Each course is worth (1) *RACE approved CE credit. CE certificate is issued after passing a brief exam on topics covered. 

**This program has been approved for 9 hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions which recognize RACE approval.


Course Descriptions:


The Importance of Veterinary Dentistry:

  • Learn about the relationship between oral health and systemic inflammation

  • Determine periodontal health status based on radiographic appearance 

  • Learn to name common dental conditions and their treatment choices

Economics of Veterinary Dentistry & Client Compliance:

  • Learn why intraoral radiographs are needed
  • Learn how to use a spreadsheet to calculate ROI on intraoral radiographic equipment
  • Learn how to show value to clients for dental procedure, explanations, and consent


Taking Intraoral Radiographs:

  • Learn How to use the Triadan numbering system
  • Learn how to orient radiographs
  • Learn how to acquire intraoral radiographs with the parallel or bisecting angle techniques without memorizing the angle



What Lies Beneath -Intraoral Radiology Interpretation 1:

  • Learn how to orient intraoral radiographs and number each imaged tooth based on orientation 
  • Learn how to identify intraoral radiographic incidental findings
  • Learn how to identify common abnormal intraoral radiographs based on the 7 steps of interpretation


Making the Case for Toothanasia, Intraoral Radiology Interpretation 2:

  • Learn to evaluate periodontal health radiographically
  • Identify inflammatory and replacement resorption
  • Learn to use the 7 intraoral radiographic interpretation steps to diagnose, and create an oral treatment plan


Fear Free Dentistry:

  • Learn to utilize special fear free considerations for hospital and dental patients
  • Review fearful concerns for veterinarians learning more about veterinary dentistry
  • Learn how to implement practical applications of Fear Free concepts.



Multimodal Anesthesia and Local Blocks:

  • Learn to describe the pain pathway and the categories of drugs that work in each part of the pathway 
  • Learn how to administer local nerve blocks knowing which teeth are blocked, amount of agent to use, and the anatomical considerations to prevent complications.

Extraction Pearls and Pitfalls:

  • Learn about common equipment to help facilitate dental extractions
  • Learn how to create a tension free flap for extraction closure
  • Learn how to be able to respond to common extraction complications



Dental Home Care that Works:

  • Learn about the relationship between plaque biofilm and periodontal disease,
  • Learn how to select categories of dental home care to use dogs and cats, and 3)
  • Learn how to instruct clients on the need and related benefit with frequency of dental home care